The 20 Worst Wrestling Gimmicks

The 20 Worst Wrestling Gimmicks

Wrestling occasionally unleashes some awesome gimmicks – see Hulk Hogan joining the NWO for an example parodied even today – but for every Hogan heel turn, there’s the stuff that flops. Whether it’s a crazed…uh, IRS Agent, Robocop suddenly deciding he’s going to chill out with Sting, or Karl Malone hyped as a wrestling star when he’s notable for collapsing every time he played Jordan, wrestling is full of ideas that flopped. These are some of the best of the worst ideas and gimmicks in the history of professional wrestling.

Jay Leno

Back before he ruined Conan’s life, Jay Leno was somewhat popular, which still doesn’t explain why the WCW saw fit to put him in the ring during the height of the NWO error. While he didn’t enjoy a title reign like David Arquette, the squeaky-voiced comedian did defeat Eric Bishoff and Hulk Hogan in the ring.. So next time you want to make smarmy posters or join Facebook groups, remember Kevin Eubanks and Jay Leno, with the help of Diamond Dallas Page, beat Hulk Hogan in the ring. Whatcha you gonna do…when Leno-mania…runs wild…on yoooooooooooooooooou?

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