20 Horribly Awkward Celebrity Photos

20 Horribly Awkward Celebrity Photos

So I was tootlin’ around the Internet the other day and found this website called Froggy’s Photos. Apparently it’s a company that takes various C-level celebs from nerd-fave shows like Firefly and sets them up at conventions in a kind of mobile photo studio. Then fans can come and pay cash money for a photo with them in a controlled environment. It’s sort of like Olan Mills for megadorks. And the pictures that come out of it are fantastic – actors barely holding it in as an endless parade of rejectitude is ushered in, photographed and ushered out. Here are 20 of my favorites.

Awkward Photo

I don’t know if I would have the courage to approach a lady while I was wearing a T-shirt that had a chick doing a total crotch squat on it. It’s like wearing an “I Dream Of Vagina” trucker hat.

Awkward Photo

Or this dude, who looks like he’s never seen a camera or a woman before. Which will steal your soul?

Morena Baccarin

Do have to give props to Firefly actress Morena Baccarin, though – she doesn’t let that smile slip, no matter what kind of nightmare chaos is happening around her.

Awkward James Marsters

You play a vampire on one TV show and bam! The rest of your life is pretending to bite hosebeasts. Be warned.

Awkward Fan Photo

Ooh, shouldn’t have worn a white shirt.

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