The 10 Worst News Reporters

Ah, the noble profession of broadcast journalism. It takes a lot to make it as a great reporter, long hours, an ear for a good story, and good looks help a lot, too. Unfortunately there’s a video camera rolling to catch all of the mistakes and guffaws, broadcasting them out into the world for all to see.  Here’s a collection of the 10 worst screw-ups, blunders, accidents and meltdowns from the field to the anchor desk.

Hammer Time

Nobody ever said crime was easy, but you would think breaking into a car with hammer wouldn’t take a lot of practice. Easier said than done, as this reporter repeatedly tries and fails during a segment. Always go with the trusty coat hanger, buddy.

Ghetto News

It’s important that field reporters maintain a certain image of professionalism, but when a bug flies in your mouth that idea goes out the window. The poor guy just wants out of this country ass town!

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