The 20 Awesomest Monkeys

Monkeys. They’re men who haven’t been broken by society and forced to submit to silly things like etiquette and manners. They get to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and that alone makes them awesome. But these 20 monkeys take that right to a new level, doing things we couldn’t even if we were allowed with the flair only a monkey can conjure up, and that’s why they’re the 20 Awesomest Monkeys.

1. Super Chill Monkey Does Hollywood – Monkeys doing people things are funny. It’s a lot like watching a drunk, hairy baby, and we all know how much fun that is.

2. Monkey Peeing in His Own Mouth – Don’t blame us, you’re the one who couldn’t help but click play even after you saw the title of the video.

3. Monkey vs Dog – Dog is man’s best friend, so they’re probably pretty close to monkeys too, right? Don’t you just love how monkeys like messing with their friends too?

4. Karate Monkey – When a highly trained mob of Karate Monkeys takes over the world in 15 years, remember that it was this man’s fault.

5. Smoking Monkey – “Seriously kids, which of yous has a smoke I can bum? The show don’t start till monkey gets his nicotine.”

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