The 20 Awesomest Self Portrait Photobombs

You’ve lined up the perfect shot at (insert famous locale), practiced your sly smile and just when you think you’ve penned the mother of all pictures for your Facebook profile – bomb! Photobombing is almost an art form, but often times the best ones happen simply by accident. We present to you, The 20 Awesomest Self Portrait Photobombs.

“Damn, what’s a kid gotta do to get some privacy around here?!”

Not sure what’s scarier, the dude in the foreground or thing in the background


Just what girls like, when you grab and point at it

I foresee puking in .02 seconds

Just when Gary thought he had snapped the perfect picture for his dating profile…

Run… just run and don’t look back

Yea, that’s 007 himself Daniel Craig bombing Taylor Swift’s photo

I swear this looks just like that ghost librarian from Ghostbusters

I think we found our kid for the next Omen movie

Bombs away!

You tell’em, buddy

Not the San Francisco treat she was hoping for

Ah, the joys of having a webcam

We call this an “ice bomb”. Thanks, Chuck

$50 says these girls’ reaction was a unison “groooosss”

Better luck next time, guys

Nothing is more frustrating to emo teen girls than the bathroom photobomb

Evil identical twin photobomb

Even Cure fans have been known to drop the occasional photobomb

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