The 20 Baddest Santas

It’s rough being Santa Clause, the guy has midgets constantly striking for better wages, little kids peeing on his leg, air traffic control giving him guff when he’s just doing his job, etc. For every successful Santa there’s a half dozen posers who give the big guy in the red suit a bad rap. Let’s take a look at the 20 Baddest Santas who aren’t so jolly about their gig.

Let’s kick things off with our favorite bad Santa, Billy Bob Thornton

Whatever is going on here it can’t be good for the Christmas parade

This is what happens when one has too much Christmas cheer

Happy Holidays from everyone’s favorite Santa – Hannibal Lecter

It’s hard to be jolly when you’ve got a shiner like that.

Telling Santa about that pony you want is probably a wasted effort, kids

“Put the money in the bag, unless you want Santa poppin’ a cap in yo ass

… And the follow up photo. Crime doesn’t pay, fat man

Christmas is done a little different in whatever country this photo is from

“Get your hands off me unless you want on the bad list, you bastard”

What kind of “ho” is this Santa talking about here?

Not the kind of Christmas gift anybody wanted that day

It’s been hard times for Santa ever since the elves quit

Merry F$#!ing Christmas to you, too!

“Whoa, babe, watch the jingle bells!”

Childhood memories ruined in an instant

This isn’t right in any way whatsoever

Not the mall photo their mom was hoping for

Those eyes are completely absent of any ounce of holiday cheer

Local stops only, Santa

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