The 20 Worst Holiday Cards

Forcing family members to pose for awkward photos and then bragging about their accomplishments in holiday greeting cards is a time honored tradition. Feast your eyes upon the 20 worst holiday cards and cross your fingers that you’re lucky enough to be on their mailing list for next year.

This kid isn’t crying because of Santa, he just really, really hates surfing

The holidays just got a lot less happy

Not sure what company sent this card, but when I find out they’ll be getting my business

Can’t you just feel that Christmas spirit?!

“World’s Best” and “Dad” have never been used more incorrectly

Some people march to the beat of their own drum, family customs be damned

Did they have their eyes closed when they picked out those sweaters?

Nothing could make this photo more awkward. Nothing

You wouldn’t expect it, but the Schaeffers throw one hell of a Christmas party

Somebody notify the proper authorities

Return to sender

Something tells me that Jeremy, Christian and Wade do lots of things together

All of them. He sleeps with all of them

Guinea pigs have been known to eat their young, get baby Jesus outta there!

“12 angry hookers, 11 greedy lawyers, 10 lost endorsements, 9 missing teeth… one homicidal wife”

I’m skeptical of Jiggy Puddin’s street cred

Welcome to the family, kid. The next 18 years aren’t going to be easy

How this card was conceived may never be known, but LSD probably played a role

Yes, it’s true… even the ginger kids

You can’t say they didn’t cover all their bases

For more bad yet awesome galleries check out the 20 Worst Archives


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