The 20 Awesomest Photos Of Snoop Dogg

Yes, the Doggfather may be a legend in the hip-hop game and the epitome of a West Coast G made good, but the guy has a sense of humor as evidenced by these photos. At least I hope that’s the case, cuz I really don’t want him rollin’ up to put a cap in my ass.

Yep, that’s Buzz Aldrin and Snoop about to lay down some tracks about moon rocks

“So when you gonna take that crazy voice to the rap game, Vader?”

“Sea World season pass be the shizzle”


About to bust out the Snoop version of “Dueling Banjos”

“So this guy likes kicking around soccer balls or some sh%^”

By the end of the show, Snoop had all the View ladies pole dancing

High for the holidays

Must be raining cats and snoop doggs – ba dum dum

Snoop and Martha making some brownies with his “secret ingredient”  …psst, it’s weed

Platinum selling artist and honoree of the 72 oz Steak Wall of Fame

Always pictured Snoop as more of a Gobstopper fan, myself

Snoop – every Jewish mother’s dream

NEWS FLASH: The LBC to merge with Galactic Empire

King and Snoop be rollin’… haters be hatin’

About to start some sh%$ in Bollywood

Sesame Street just got a new pimp on the block

Only two men on earth can still look pimp in this hat, and the other guy barely pulls it off

This sea lion just got the coolest Facebook profile pic ever

Please tell me he busted out in “Gin & Juice” with some bagpipes

“So how about we roll up on that early bird dinner at the clubhouse?”

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