The 20 Worst Video Game Tattoos

After searching gaming blogs and spending probably way too much time hanging around Game Stop talking to pimple faced 15 yr-olds we’ve come to the conclusion that gaming tattoos are a bad idea. Here’s 20 bad video game tattoos that will haunt your dreams.

What’s the correct combo to get him to put his shirt back on?

Can’t Stop… Won’t Stop… For the sake of your future children, please stop

Don’t worry, after getting this tattoo, girls will never be a problem for this guy again

Gaming tattoos are the enemy of breasts

This wasn’t even badass in 1992

“I’d like a look that guarantees minimum wage for life, please.”

Hit the correct combo of buttons and her panties come off

Please, don’t make us see his joystick tattoo

Well, I guess it could be worse. She could have gone with Frogger

Yup, the tattoo sums it up perfectly

Then… Now… Girlfriend (Never)

Some people get their ink in prison or the military and for this guy – the break room at Game Stop

Ladies, boobs are great by themselves adding a tattoo is like slapping God in the face

Jesus, Bowser and weed? I’m just as confused as you are

Take your best shot

This is what potential employers will be thinking when you reach for a job application

Is it too late to hit the reset button?

Well, at least he spelled it right

Cute girl with a gaming tat? Sorry, this one must have slipped in here by mistake

I really feel like I owe you all an apology for this

For more bad decisions check out the 20 Worst Archives.

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