“My First Dictionary” Book Review

I like to think we do a good job here at Heavy of bringing you coverage of the latest, movies, music and games, but it’s not too often that we focus our attention on the literary world. In the case of My First Dictionary: Corrupting Young Minds One Word At A Time, some attention is warranted.

It needs to be mentioned that should you make the mistake of giving this darkly funny book to an unsuspecting adolescent, don’t be surprised if Social Services is called.

The wickedly funny book’s author Ross Horsley works as a librarian and blogger by day and enjoys grisly slasher films by night, a hobby that thankfully, has twisted his mind and given us this warped book. Horsley’s dark humor permeates the book with definitions like, “Stubborn – Father’s bloodstains are stubborn.”  Perfect for the bibliophile with a dark sense of humor, the book plays on actual 1940’s children’s literature illustrations paired with irreverent and at times sinister definitions.

While the book isn’t for everybody, if you’re looking for an educational and fun way to corrupt your inner child, this is your best bet.

Pick up a copy of the book here.

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