The 20 Worst Family Vacation Photos

Loading the family into the car and heading out on the open road to some new (or familiar) destination of discovery is a family tradition. And along with those vacations come photos… awkward, cheesy, horribly hilarious photos.

The following school year wasn’t an easy one for the boys

Dolphin rides – the key to any happy marriage

“Stop teasing your sister and enjoy the view!”

We had no idea South Dakota was this much fun either

Are we having fun yet?

She asked for Miley Cyrus, but got “Dueling Banjos”

Doesn’t anybody in this family know how to swim?!

Dad looks like a heroin fiend, but that doesn’t mean he can’t show the fam a good time

Happiest place on Earth my ass

So many things to say about this photo, I really can decide where to start…

Nobody wants to sit beside Grandma because:

A) She farts in her sleep

B) She actually died somewhere around Topeka

C) It’s not even their grandma, just some old lady who wandered in at the last                                                                                  rest stop

The iconic Las Vegas sign would have been cooler, but this was good enough

Anybody know how to say “D’oh” in Chinese?

So what if his mom and little bro were mere feet away, this kid is all about the action

Tan much?

Therapy here we come!

I don’t wanna live in a world where a father and son can’t enjoy the tunnel of love together

Fun with the ‘rents

Dad looks a little too into this

It looks awkward now, but hours later Bill and Kim were knocking back tequila shots

Check out the 20 Worst Archives for more uncomfortable moments.

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