The 20 Worst Frozen Cars

With Spring only a few weeks away, it feels like old man winter’s icy grip is finally starting to ease up. The countdown may have begun, but don’t go getting all cocky and put the snow shovel away just yet. Leave your car in the wrong place during the next snowpocalypse, and you could find yourself breaking out the ice pick like these 20 unlucky drivers.

Hmm, might want to turn on the defrost

Frozen Cars in Europe

I like to imagine that kid has the Nelson laugh

Hope he didn't need to go anywhere

Look on the bright side, at least you wont have to drive the company carpool for a few days

Somebody should tell them they left their door open

Your bus is gonna be late

The people of Buford county don't have the best driving record

That might buff out

What's the point even?

That's actually not snow, but cocaine in Lindsay Lohan's car

How nice is Florida looking right about now?

Better let the engine run for 5 mins, just to be on the safe side

Somebody is going to be walking

Icy blast on cars

The neighbor kid will shovel your car out for a bargain of $2,500

You're gonna want to keep your coat on, the heat is out

Park near a broken fire hydrant in January and this is your reward

Jim wasn't thrilled about his employee parking spot, but nonetheless, it was his own

Go, ice racer, go!

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