The 10 Greatest Roast Moments

Roasting is an art form all its own, a long standing tradition going back to the early years of the New York Friars club, on up through the 1970s Dean Martin roasts and current Comedy Central roasts of today. Not for the thin skinned, it takes a special kind of person to subject themselves to the tough love of roasters, who dish out the dirtiest jokes with warm affection.

The latest CC roast went down last week and Donald Trump took quite a beating from the panel of comics, celebs and reality star fame whores (looking at you Mike “The Situation”).Things just weren’t the same though, without Greg Giraldo lighting up the roastee. In honor of Greg, we’ve rounded up some of the best and raunchiest clips from previous roasts for your unabashed enjoyment. NOTE: YOU MIGHT WANT TO USE HEADPHONES IF YOU’RE AT WORK.

Snoop roasting Donald Trump: The Doggfather goes after the Donald.

Jeff Ross roasting Hugh Hefner: “We tried to get Larry Flynt, but nobody wanted to build a ramp.”

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