The 20 Awesomest Kids With Mullets

WARNING: These kids are here to party! They’ll take their Huffy bmx bike off a ramp then chug a can of Mt. Dew without thinking twice about it. They don’t have time for things like naps or piano lessons, cuz they’re too busy scoring with hot chicks and blowing sh#$ up with firecrackers. They rock the mullet and they rock it hard. In the words of Joe Dirt, these 20 kids with mullets will make you say, “Daaaaaang”.

When your legal birth name is “Thrash” this hairstyle just grows in naturally

Roosevelt Jr. High ain’t even ready for a mullet like this

$10 says these brothers went on to cut a gospel album

When you have this kind of haircut, EVERY night is Saturday night

Two words: Stylin’ & Profilin’

Mullets gotta stick together

“Just chillin’ in the computer lab about to show these chumps how Orgeon Trail is really played”

When you rock the mullet, shirts no longer apply

I’m not sure what happened here, somebody needs to intervene

Technically, this is a “rat tail”. A close cousin of the mullet, but still worthy of this gallery

Having a mullet is exciting, but between the bmx jumps and monster truck shows, it’s important to take time to reflect

Acid wash jeans, triple mullets, glamor shot background – somebody needs to bottle this kind of awesome and sell it

You’d be as excited as these kids, too, if you just found out it was fish stick and tater tots night

Four cans of hair spray – $19.41. Better hair than Motley Crue – Priceless

Whoa, wait a minute, didn’t we just see this family?

You just haven’t lived until you’ve felt the ocean breeze in your mullet

Wherever this kid goes, you can hear a Skynyrd guitar solo in the background

When she grows up to hate you, this is one of the reasons why

Triple Mullet Attack!

Taste like, “hell yeeeaaahh”

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