The 20 Worst Vanity Plates

Anybody can slap on a clever bumper sticker, but it takes a special kind of wordsmith to get their point across with a customized license plate. How else are the other drivers on the road gonna know that you love bacon or hate immigrants? Granted, some of these vanity plates are pretty awesome, but many of them just leave you questioning the logic of the person behind the wheel.

In search of pirate booty

I always keep some hot sauce in the car

It’s best to let the criminals know they’re gonna be disappointed ahead of time

Whoa there, buddy. Somebody has to pick the fruit

I’m a little scared, but more curious to see the soccer mom driving this van


Thy who smelt it, dealt it

This is the license plate you want on your car as you pull into Mardi Gras

Not again, mom!

This driver is just doing their part

South Park vanity plate style at its best

I’m betting this guy giggles to himself every time he approaches his car in the parking lot

The Dude would abide

This is not metal

The bitch is back… but really she never left

She’s not a fan of the company carpool

She was really, really, really excited about Virgina’s anniversary

None of the DMV employees alerted “Diva Gina” of the horrible mistake she was making

It’s important to let other drivers know what a douche you are

I think he has a break light out

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