The 20 Awesomest Senior Citizens

Think that old guy on the park bench feeding squirrels is just a boring old geezer? Ha! Think again, punk, that’s just a front so he can steal your chick then wine and dine her with his senior citizen’s discount. Don’t under estimate these 20 seniors, they may take more prescribed medication in a day than beers you drink in a week, but that’s just to keep their heart pumping for the next skydiving trip. Only the good die young and these seniors are bad to the bone, cuz they ain’t dead yet.

The stakes are high. Winner gets a pudding cup

They never saw they hit coming

Ethel and Lucile decided there was only one way to decide who would get the Matlock DVD

They really miss Gary down at the institution

Holidays are always a little different at Nana Sheen’s house

Wilford is about to bring the metal to the Wednesday night bingo game

“Dammit, now where did I park the mothership?”

Grandma always knew how to prepare a “fresh” home cooked meal

“I was picking up groupies when Keith Richards was still crapping his pants”

CAUTION SENIORS: Wii Fit may result in a fractured hip

Seniors would like you to believe they travel much for the culture, this is the real reason

Her doc told her to quit smoking. Her reply, “Dying is for fools.”

Yep, it’s exactly what it looks like

Dude will bust a 360 tail grab then fall asleep on the chairlift like it’s nothin’

Suck on that, osteoporosis

What’s your grandmother done lately?

Arthritis be damned, Mildred is gonna throw up the devil horns regardless

DJ Ruth is killin’ it at the retirement center. Literally. Two people died from too much funk

Props to this guy for skydiving, although I’m not completely sure he knows where he is

You’re as young as the company you keep

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