National College Comedy Competition

College is a special time in a young person’s life, filled with new experiences, alcohol influenced poor choices and occasionally a little bit of learning. Those four, err, sometimes six years can have an impact on who we become and often result in some of the funniest stories of our lives. Thus, the National College Comedy Competition.

Rooftop Comedy has paired up with TBS to find the funniest college students in the country who are sharing their stories accumulated in college. Instead of working on their political science paper or hanging out at the frat house, these scholars have chosen to perfect their timing and craft the perfect one liner about camel spiders.
Now in its fourth year, the NCCC pits student teams from 32 campuses nationwide against one another via a series of live and online stand-up comedy battles. To bring you up to speed, the competition is heating up, as there are now only 8 teams remaining of the original 32.

Check out a few of the stand-out performers in the competition so far and to cast your vote for the funniest go here.

Cody Kopp: Loyola Marymount University

Jamie Ward: Georgia Tech

Jules Posner: San Francisco University

Morgan Fry Pasic: Boston College

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