12 Must Listen Comedy Podcasts

If you’re tired of the music on your iPod or the standard morning zoo radio, a podcast might be exactly what you need. We’ve picked out some of the best earbud worthy comedy podcasts around.

The Adam Carolla Show[BoxTitle]The Adam Carolla Podcast[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload]http://www.adamcarolla.com/ACPBlog/category/podcast/[/FreeDownload]

It’s one thing to have a popular podcast, it’s a whole other animal when that podcast makes its way into the Guinness Book of World records for most downloaded podcast ever. Longtime radio comic Adam Carolla now has that distinction after taking the title from Ricky Gervais in March of 2011 with over 59 million downloads. With guests like Olivia Munn and longtime pal, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam seems funnier and more relaxed producing the show from his couch, than he ever did on previous radio shows like Loveline.

Smodcast[BoxTitle]Smodcast[/BoxTitle] [BuyDownload]http://www.smodcast.com/#preorder-smodcost[/BuyDownload]

Generally known as a writer/director, Kevin Smith has been churning out his weekly podcast with partner Scott Mosier since early 2007. Much like Kevin’s movies, the Smodcast isn’t for everyone, but you can expect smart humor and your fair share of comic book references as Kevin and Scott discuss everything under the sun. The ever growing popularity of the Smodcast has led Kevin to take a step back from movie making to focus on his growing list of podcasts under the Smodcast name. With a plethora of shows ranging from NJ Devils hockey, to the current state of Hollywood, listeners have a few choices on how to get their fix of a not-so-Silent Bob.

Never Not Funny[BoxTitle]Never Not Funny[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload]http://pardcast.com/blog/?msgID=5[/FreeDownload]

For fans of stand-up comedy, veteran comic Jimmy Pardo’s Never Not Funny “pardcast” is not to be missed. The weekly hour and a half long podcast has moved over to a pay format, but the first 20 minutes of each show are still offered free to non-subscribers. With the combination of Jimmy’s hilarious “Stupid Question of the Week” and “Judge Jimmy” segments, paired alongside guests like Conan O’Brien and Patton Oswalt, 20 minutes is hardly enough. With a slew of podcast awards under its belt, Never Not Funny is basically the Slumdog Millionaire of podcasts.

Comedy Bang Bang [BoxTitle]Comedy Bang Bang[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload]http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/comedy-bang-bang-the-podcast/id316045799[/FreeDownload]

Spawned from the comedy stage of LA’s Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater, Comedy Bang Bang is a weekly show from Scott Aukerman (producer of Between Two Ferns) taped in front of a live audience. A mixture of odd-ball characters, silly games and funny banter between guests like Zach Galifinakis, Weird Al Yankovic and Kevin Nealon, it’s hard to find another show with this much variety. For fans of the alternative sketch style comedy UCB is known for, who don’t live in Los Angeles, this is an easy fix.

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