12 Must Listen Comedy Podcasts

The Best Show [BoxTitle]The Best Show[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload]http://www.friendsoftom.com/[/FreeDownload]

Committing three hours to a podcast is going to be a bit of a stretch for some, but if you’ve got the time, you may find those three hours being the highlight of your Tuesday. Originally on WFMU and now available to the masses in podcast form, TV writer Tom Scharpling (Monk) brings listeners what he calls, “three hours of mirth, music, and mayhem.” Think of it as a fusion of punk and comedy with guests as diverse as Aziz Ansari, Chris Elliot, Andrew W.K., and Aimee Mann.

[BoxTitle]The Stand-Up Chronicles[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload]http://comedynerdinterviewscomedians.podbean.com/[/FreeDownload]

While the The Stand-Up Chronicles may not boast a guest list as impressive as some of the other podcasts on our list, that’s no reason to write it off. In fact, its roster of up-in-coming comics mixed with seasoned club veterans gives comedy nerds an insight into the trials and tribulations of the working comedian that other podcasts may only glaze over. Taped at Peoria, IL’s Jukebox Comedy Club, host Adam Harris delivers a show that’s feels a bit like The Charlie Rose Show, if Rose did his interviews in between shows on a Friday night and had the occasional drunken heckler.

Doug Loves Movies [BoxTitle]Doug Loves Movies[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload]http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/doug-loves-movies/id281816774[/FreeDownload]

A great podcast run by comedian, actor and world-class stoner (if there is such a thing) Doug Benson, it combines comedy and as the title implies – a love of movies. Not just comedy movies, but films from just about every genre out there. Normally taped weekly in front of a live audience at LA’s UCB theater, Doug welcomes guests like Jon Hamm, Rainn Wilson and other comics and actors to banter about comedy, movies and actors that piss him off (most notably William Dafoe). Each episode typically includes the “Leonard Maltin Game”, in which Doug reads the cast of an unknown movie in reverse order while his guest tries to guess the movie. For movie nerds, this is a must listen.

Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast [BoxTitle]The Monday Morning Podcast[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload]http://www.billburr.com/mmpc.htm[/FreeDownload]

For fans of comedian Bill Bur, no introduction to this podcast is needed. For everyone else, Bill is a bit of an acquired taste, but as probably one of the top five comedians in the country, his podcast offers an inside look into the psyche of this hilarious and often angry comic. With new episodes released every Monday, it’s a bit of a brash way to start the week, but Bill’s opinions on current events and the general day-to-day goings on in his life make for a great listen. Un-PC, Un-apologetic and funny to the core, Bill cuts through the bullshit polluting the world with often side-splitting results.

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