These Go to 11 Awards: Funniest Videos

These Go to 11 Awards: Funniest Videos

We’ve probably uploaded a thousand comedy videos on the site over the last 365 days and it gets a bit tricky when trying to pick the cream of the crop. What lies before you are the videos that you the loyal readers of Heavy voted and shared to give us the top 11 comedy videos of 2011. Asshole Jedis, Samuel L. Jackson bedtime stories, voodoo reality show contestants and La Flama Blanca himself – well done, Heavies, well done.

Hey, all you “animal lovers” out there, this video is right up your alley. Enjoy.

I don’t think we’ll ever really know just how important Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI mustache has been to the world, however this montage shows us that there is hardly a film in the history of cinema that wouldn’t be improved with a good dose of Magnum-stache.

Samuel L. Jackson feels for the weary parents out there with children who just won’t go to sleep. So, he’s taken it upon himself to read your kids a bedtime story and tell them to go the f#$k to sleep.

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