The 20 Awesomest Tumblrs

Goths Up Trees [BoxTitle]Goths Up Trees[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Looking for a few gloomy goths to help out with your black magic puppet show? Before you go cruising over to Hot Topic, stroll by the park and look up in the trees. Why look, there’s a perfectly good goth, just sitting up on that branch chilling out in the never ending misery that is life.

Hungover Owls [BoxTitle]Hungover Owls[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Owls are nocturnal, so of course when they’re not feeding on mice guts they’re getting their drink on. Just don’t expect them to give a sh*t in the morning, they’ve got a pounding headache and may have puked in a cab the night before.

Halloween or Williamsburg [BoxTitle]Halloween Or Williamsburg[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Halloween or Hipster chronicles the never ending parade of weird that has infested the “too cool for school” neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Maybe it’s a hipster, maybe it’s a Halloween costume, either way it’s kinda annoying.

Dads on Vacation [BoxTitle]Dads On Vacation [/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

“Ahh, dad, why do you have to embarrass me by putting your head in that shark statue’s mouth? This vacation is soooo lame!” Your dad is gonna enjoy his vacation and rock those socks with sandals all week long.

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