The 20 Awesomest Tumblrs

Kim Jong Ill Looking At Things [BoxTitle]Kim Jong Ill Looking At Things[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Somehow this wonderful Tumblr of Kim Jong Ill looking at things is still going strong, despite the great leader’s ascent into the heavens. What will almighty Kim Jong Ill look at next, an ear of corn or barrel of marbles perhaps?

Fake Science [BoxTitle]Fake Science[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Fake Science is a terrific Tumblr for when you feel like learning, but facts are just too confusing. “Sharks are attracted to blood in the water because they mistake it for ketchup.” Nice way to drop the ball on that one, Discovery Channel. Pssh, Shark Week, what a joke.

New Yorker [BoxTitle]The Monkeys You Ordered[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

The Monkeys You Ordered gives literal captions to those highfalutin cartoons in The New Yorker. No more pretending to know why that cartoon of the pig flying a kite was funny just to impress your high society friends.

Album Tacos [BoxTitle]Album Tacos[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Steve is a regular guy who happens to love music and tacos (only weirdos don’t) and had the idea of combining tacos with some of his favorite albums. Don’t expect to get some enlightening knowledge out of this Tumblr, but do expect to make a run to Taco Bell in the near future.

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