The Guy Code: Ryan Ling and Ashy Larry Team Up to Take Down Oprah?


TV writer/producer Ryan Ling battled Oprah over an Emmy last year — for his docu-series, Quiet Campus, but this year he just wants to show you the world thru a pair of man-tinted Ray-Bans.

“In no way was I trying to create some kind of real manly show,” he said, at the premiere party Tuesday night at New York club Crimson. “I just wanted to create discussions about things that maybe we all deal with, but do so from a guy’s perspective.”

The Guy Code, which premieres its second season this Tuesday, July 17 at 11/10pm on MTV2, is a talking head, VH1-style commentary interspersed with bits and vignettes that are not just all fart jokes and bathroom humor. Ryan’s brought along some serious talent like Heavy veteran Donnell Rawlings to help brighten the man-enlightenment with swaths of funny stuff. Ashy Larry and a battle-tested Oprah challenger? Sign me up.

As for that battle with the big “O” over TV’s most coveted prize?

“It was a close race,” Ling said laughing, “real close.”

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