This Baby Laugh A Lot Doll Will Scare The S**t Out Of You

My sister used to have a Furby, and man those things die hard when they run out of batteries. It definitely scarred her for life when it started glitching and squawking non-stop in the middle of the night, forcing us to smash it against the wall to get it to stop while my sister sat crying in her bed. It seems that this is a trend with the battery-operated side of the toy world. Dying hard. Well, dear readers, we’ve stumbled across this gem of a nightmare-producer. Take a legendarily creepy Baby Laugh A Lot doll, add some dead batteries, and you’ve discovered the recipe for an extremely scary nightmare. This is some Stephen King type s**t; I hope none of you guys planned on sleeping tonight!

If you were a tough guy and coughed up your own satanic laugh at this video, unphased by it’s horrors, man up and check out the original commercial for Baby Laugh A Lot below.

Jesus, toys used to be scary *shivers*

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