Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Homo Thugs, Nosey Batman

This hilarious new sketch video from group Bodegacat Sanchez introduces us to two Brooklyn thugs, with peculiar tastes; they go soft in the paint. The best part about this sketch is the dialogue between “Big Thug” and “Little Thug” that I can guarantee you will be quoting to your friends for months to come.

Jon St. John, the voice actor behind ’90s video game icon Duke Nukem, reads a passage from “50 Shades of Gray.” Hearing Duke Nukem say “My inner goddess is doing the dance of the seven veils” was probably the high point for me. When will a Duke Nukem-narrated “50 Shades of Grey” audiobook be made?

One of the biggest complaints about Christian Bale’s Batman was that the guy sounded like he was talking with rocks in his mouth. When you’re general speaking voice resembles a cement mixer it can be difficult to get people to open up to you. What about Batman’s general people skills though? The guy seems to have a real lack for making small talk with the bad guys and goes right for the punches to the face and threats of bodily harm – that’s no way to get to know somebody.

Watching this video edit, I just kept waiting for Mr. Wizard to flat out call one of the kids a dumbass. It’s almost as if That ’70s Show’s Red Forman was embodied in a junior high science teacher – only with few threats of an ass kicking. The world needs more teachers like Mr. Wizard who aren’t afraid to call kids out on their lack of scientific knowledge, instead of stroking their ever precious egos. “That’s wrong… dummy.”

How this actually became a news story with a police conference involving the press is mind boggling. Here’s the lowdown: a couple of drunk college girls in British Columbia saw some bags of chips in an open garage, stole the chips and then got busted when the chips’ rightful owner called police. Police later hunted down the two girls with help from a K-9 unit.

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