Top Comedy Videos of the Week: YouTube Complaints and Idiots Setting Themselves on Fire

Well, the 4th of July has come and gone, which means idiots across America took to lighting themselves on fire with fireworks. This video is a loving tribute to all those massive fails of summers past. The “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” score just heightens the beauty. Happy Independence Day, America, and remember if you’re planning to shoot off fireworks with your idiot friends, film it and post it on YouTube so we can all enjoy you blowing yourself up.

Grammar Nazis, cats doing cat things… the YouTube Complaints Department is a busy place where the voice of each narcissistic troll can be heard and voted down. The sketch plays on the typical YouTube commenter stereotypes and mixes in a few viral video stars as well. The fictional complaints department looks like it would be both a crazily entertaining and terrible place to work. Except for the occasional for with the webseries about her boobs, she’s welcome to complain anytime she wants.

WTF is going on here?! A 6-year-old rapper surrounded by ass-shaking bikini-clad babes in a swimming pool? Disturbing? Kinda. Awesome? Well, kinda. This Albert kid has swag beyond his years, and he really knows how to use a pump-action squirt gun. His “Booty Pop” music video could be the next hit.

This insanely intelligent, completely kickass video by Jeremiah McDonald, now 32, is courtesy of the brilliant vision of the same artist at age 12. Young Jeremiah made himself a videotape so he could talk to himself in the future. Now he’s having that conversation, and it is beyond weird.

I don’t even know where to start with this video. First off, we’ve got the standard safety superhero dubbed, The Preventor who’s main superpower seems to be co*k-blocking fun. “Almost all of the serious injuries that happen every year come from illegal fireworks.” I’m not really sure where The Preventor is getting this information, but it’s clearly some commie propaganda to ruin Independence Day. Next, we have kids buying black market fireworks from “Three Fingers Steve” (bet you can’t guess how he lost those digits) in the alley like it’s a drug deal from The Wire. M-80s, bottle rockets, sparklers, all of them will most certainly result in death and destruction according to The Preventor. Play it safe, stay inside and keep playing your Game Boy.

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