Disney Characters Get a WTF Dose of Life’s Darker Side

Considering how many Hollywood stars are going off the deep end of celebrity, it’s a safe bet that if Disney characters were real people, they’d probably be on TMZ’s daily hit list. Mexican artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros has put some of Disney’s most iconic characters in some sketchy situations as part of his Disasterland series. The series pays tribute to Disney by mixing in some notable characters from horror movies along with the trappings of fame.

Border Jumper Mickey
Border Jumper Mickey

Bambi’s Threesome
Bambi Threesome

Belle and Jazmin Come Out of the Closet
Jazmin and Belle makeout

Snow White Drunk on Love
drunk on love

Esmeralda Planet Terror

Simba’s Junk
Hakuna Matata opening

Mulan Kill Bill
Mulan Kill Bill

Never Sleep Again
Freddy Sleeping Beauty

Peter Pan Thriller
Peter Pan Thriller

Princess and the Paparazzi
Princess Paparazzi Limo

Snow Queen
Snow Queen

Snow White vs. Jason

Jessica Rabbit’s Botox Addiction
Jessica Rabbit Botox

Pinocchio Needs Better Friends

Tinkerbell’s Jealous
Tinkerbell's Jealous

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