Olympic Mascot Busted in Exclusive Photo Scandal

Ever since that one-eyed weirdo came out of the woodwork to represent the 2012 London Olympics, we knew something wasn’t right. Look at it, what exactly is this thing? Is it male… female… does it even come from planet Earth? One thing’s for certain, the little creep has a shady past and the Olympic PR committee is going to have some serious explaining to do.

Exhibit A:

The Olympic Mascot with Mitt Romney and William Bain Jr. at the Bain offices in 1990. This photo has dirty politics written all over it. Is this the type of character you want representing you, London?

Exhibit B:

Clearly the guy has an alcohol problem and needs the booze to silence the demons in that one-eyed head of his. These scenarios never have a happy ending…

Exhibit C:

olympic mascot partying

Partying it up with porn stars – has this deviant no shame?! Maybe this type of behavior is okay for Charlie Sheen, but not an Olympic mascot who’s around children.

Exhibit D:

london mascot illegal alien coyote

This photo is believed to have been taken sometime between 2003 and 2007. It was a low point for the London Mascot, short on cash, he took a job as a coyote and guided illegal aliens across the border.

Exhibit E:

london mascot chick-fil-a

Taken just a week ago, this photo was snapped by a paparazzi outside of a Chick-fil-A in Georgia. And only an hour after attending a Pride march, in fact. Just despicable.

Exhibit F:

olympic mascot leaked cell phone photos

Surprise, surprise, the Olympic mascot enjoys taking nude photos of himself and sending them out to the Olympic athletes. C’mon now, Ryan Lochte and Kim Glass have enough pressure, they don’t need this blue perv sexting them, too!

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