Olympic Track Stars Hurdle Boobs and Pole Vault Over Butts

While other publications may bring you the wide world of sports from a more objective and overall professional standpoint, we here at Heavy promise to offer up something different. Sure, Sports Illustrated will have Jessica Ennis leaping over some hurdles in an amazing photo, but will they have her clearing a model’s bum in a moment of Internet glory? That’s where Heavy comes in…

Dean Marcy with the boob vault.

Angelo Taylor clears the gap.

boob hurdling

Dayron Robles and Dong Peng Shi in a photo finish.

boob hurdle

Germany’s Matthias Buhler for the POV win.

butt hurdles

Rebecca Wade – star athlete and Olympic ass jumper.

Jessica Ennis and Olivia Munn

Jessica Ennis clears the Munn bum  with ease.

boob pole-vault

Becky Holliday for the Milano vault win.

Ass hurdle

No ass is too great for Bershawn Jackson.

Ashton Eaton shows how bum hurdling is done.

adriana lima butt hurdle

Holly Bleasdale attempts the Lima booty vault. 

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