The 20 Awesomest CCTV GIFs: Brawls, Accidents, & Close Calls

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is defined as the use of “video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors” (via). This covers things like dashboard cameras, street-level surveillance, and security cameras and a lot of times, these closed-circuit cameras pick up some crazy sh*t. What’s even better is that now more than ever, we’re able to see the shocking stuff that gets caught on film thanks to the Internet. GIFs also have an air of mystery about them. They’re not presented with any kind of copy or title, they’re just there for you to watch. You never know what could happen in a GIF and you take that inherent property of GIFs and combine it with real-life crazy sh*t, you’ve got a recipe for awesomeness. So get your voyeur on and check out the 20 Awesomest CCTV GIFs!

[BoxTitle]Store Robbery Goes Bad: Robber Spanked, Punched, and Kicked In The Face[/BoxTitle]
This poor honest robber was just trying to steal as much money as he could and out of NOWHERE these two cheapskate business owners bend him over, punch his butt, and kick his face in. Not only that, but now the robber has to deal with being embarrassed for eternity on the internet because of this gif. Where’s the justice?

[BoxTitle]Exhibit A: Why You Should Always Wear Your Seatbelt[/BoxTitle]
This security cam footage shows a bus driver who gets launched from his seat after a series of hard bumps. This gif is both extremely terrifying and extremely interesting because you can watch through the bus window exactly when sh*t goes from bad to worse. Let this serve as a reminder Heavies, click-it or ticket or massive bus accident with tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

[BoxTitle]The Dog Knows What’s Up[/BoxTitle]
I love this security camera gif because it unfolds like a story. Gifs aren’t really presented with a title and description box, so there’s always that mysterious element to it. I won’t describe what happens in this gif to honor that, just watch it.

Dude’s pissed.

[caption id="attachment_288487" align="aligncenter" width="420"] Thank God For Brakes[/caption] [BoxTitle]This Guy Passes His Brake Test[/BoxTitle]
Thank god this guy was paying attention, unlike a certain someone in this gif.

[BoxTitle]But Where Does The Box Go?[/BoxTitle]
A game changer in the scumbag shoplifter arena.

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