The 20 Awesomest CCTV GIFs: Brawls, Accidents, & Close Calls

[BoxTitle]A Good Guy Gif[/BoxTitle]
Not everything is earthquakes, rogue buses, robbers, and shoplifters. Sometimes CCTV catches some truly amazing acts of kindness and bravery. This is one of them.

[BoxTitle]Immediate Karma[/BoxTitle]
Too bad the guy didn’t know he was dealing with a real MacGuyver.

[BoxTitle]Rage Against The Trash Can[/BoxTitle]
This trash can is kicking their ass.

[BoxTitle]When suddenly… PARKOUR![/BoxTitle]
Just your everyday officer ninja.

[BoxTitle]A Cheap Imitation[/BoxTitle]
This guy saw that last gif and tried doing it himself, needless to say it didn’t turn out as great.

[BoxTitle]F*CK THE POLICE![/BoxTitle]

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