The 20 Worst Epic Fail GIFs

epic fail cover

There’s a lot of fail out there in the world and if you’re not looking for it, it can be gone in a flash. Thankfully, we have GIFs to relive that embarrassment over, and over, and over…

This guy got exactly what he deserved. Don’t put your hand in a gator’s mouth, dumbass.

His birthday wish did not come true that year.

In classic Excitebike form, it took the rider FOREVER to get back on his bike while other racers passed him by.

Glass door welcomes you to Monday morning.

airplane fail

They never give you enough room for your bags…Oh, nevermind…

His golf game isn’t any better.

One of the most awkward social interactions ever – replayed in GIF form for all eternity.

They least they could do is throw a few extra singles her way.

Somebody should tell him there are easier ways to remove your pants.

Nut shot GIF gallery?

Never underestimate the evil of a mime.

Spacing, it’s all about the spacing.

In case you were wondering, she did not take home the gold.

What happened to that whole master of discipline and precision thing samurais were supposed to be known for?

Sign takes the win.

To the face! To the faaaaace!

International relations fail

Spin cycle set to “jackass”.

This seemed like such an awesome idea in theory. Farewell genitals.

kid launch

He probably won’t even remember this trauma five years from now. Thankfully, we have this GIF to remind him.

Via WorldWideInterweb, Señor Gif, 4Gifs.

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