The 20 Worst Mugshots Vol. 3: Zombies, Nazis & Idiots

The 20 Worst Mugshots Vol. 1……………………………………………..The 20 Worst Mugshots Vol. 2

Ah, yes, the timeless classic: mugshots. It’s a beautiful idea, actually — you take a person on the worst day of their life, during their worst hour, and without cleaning them up you snap a picture of their ugly mug. Brilliant. Welcome to the third installment, Heavies. They say good things come in threes, but the same goes for bad things. This is the latter. Put on your rubber gloves and hike up your boots, things are gonna get ugly.

[BoxTitle]The First Zombie Ever Arrested[/BoxTitle]
And Volume 3 starts off with a bang! Does it still count if your perp is undead?

[BoxTitle]Dr. Wiley From Megaman Finally Gets Caught[/BoxTitle]
Dr. Wiley, your robots can’t save you now.

[BoxTitle]Apparently Having A Swastika Tattooed On Your Neck Is A Bad Idea[/BoxTitle]
I guess someone disagreed with the Nazi Party’s stance on immigration and equality.

[BoxTitle]Part Man, Part Giraffe…[/BoxTitle]
All insane.

[BoxTitle]Does It Look Like I Have “Stupid” Tattooed Across My Forehead?[/BoxTitle]
Forehead tattoos: always a bad idea.

[BoxTitle]You’ve Got a Little Something on Your Face There…[/BoxTitle]
I guess sweeping chimneys with your face is a crime nowadays…

[BoxTitle]Too Much Beer, Not Enough Titties[/BoxTitle]
His shirt should read: “Sexual Assault Charges & DUIs”

[BoxTitle]Please Let This Be Photoshopped[/BoxTitle]
WHAT IS THAT?! (Editor’s Note: I was so blindsided by that bulbous sac on his forehead that it took me hours of gazing at this picture to realize he has “7:30” tattoo’d on his neck. Hm.)

[BoxTitle]The Unibrower[/BoxTitle]
I think the famous philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche best described this:
“Battle not with unibrows, lest ye grow a unibrow yourself, and if you gaze at the unibrow, the unibrow gazes back.”

[BoxTitle]Flock of Seagulls[/BoxTitle]
Nice hair, ya idiot!

[BoxTitle]Midget Buckwheat[/BoxTitle]
Looks like The Little Rascals gang has fallen on some hard times.

[BoxTitle]Half A Brain[/BoxTitle]
Looks like they took a bit too much off the top there…

[BoxTitle]Mustached Madman[/BoxTitle]
Was your intent to look as batsh*t insane as possible while also looking as rapey as possible? Mission accomplished man.

[BoxTitle]Appropriate Tattoo[/BoxTitle]
We here at Heavy like to make dreams come true. With the addition of this lady and her tit tattoos, we’ve brought her one step closer to achieving her dream of having all eyes on her.

[BoxTitle]How To Outrun A Cop[/BoxTitle]
Looks like she just needed to get the stick figure part down and she would’ve gotten away with it.

[BoxTitle]She Puts The “Man” in Woman[/BoxTitle]
You do NOT want to see her without her make-up on.

[BoxTitle]I’m Not An Alcoholic[/BoxTitle]
So what is it called when you go to jail instead? Oh right, criminal.

[BoxTitle]Why Haven’t There Been More Amish Supervillans? [/BoxTitle]
Who knew the Amish could look so absolutely soulless and terrifying and strangely similar to a leprechaun?

[BoxTitle]High Standards[/BoxTitle]
I think that when you’re a) arrested while wearing b) that shirt you need to lower your standards by just a tad. How about “No Criminal Record, No Pussy” for starters?

[BoxTitle]Sweet Hair…[/BoxTitle]
Is it possible to be arrested on the grounds of a terrible hairstyle?

So there you have it, did you make it through alive? How about that one guy with half of his head missing huh? Pretty crazy. Well if you are done dry heaving into a puke-filled bucket, drop us a comment below and let us know which mugshot really rustled your jimmies.

The 20 Worst Mugshots Vol. 1
The 20 Worst Mugshots Vol. 2

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