The Oregon Duck Makes the First Gangnam Style Parody Video

First blood has been drawn in the Gangnam Style parody videos and it’s been drawn by the Oregon Duck? Much like “Call Me Maybe” before it which soaked every corner of the internet with parody videos (and to a lesser extent “Somebody That I Used To Know”), there’s something very viral and imitatable about Gangnam Style by South Korean artist Psy.

It was only a matter of time before the parody videos started. And now, they’re here. Thanks to the University of Oregon’s mascot and cheerleaders. There’s nothing more American than a giant felt Duck dancing with cheerleaders to a K-pop song. (Also, dunking the Stanford Tree’s head in a toilet so extra fun for you Oregon fans).

College football season is certainly starting. Oh and here’s a gratuitous picture of an Oregon Ducks cheerleader that pop up when you google that term. You’re welcome:

Oregon Ducks Cheerleader

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