How to Use Your Dishes Without Washing Them

So you’re hungry for some food, but there’s no clean dishes in the sink, now what? Well, you could take it upon yourself to wash the dishes like a civilized human being OR you could get creative with your sloth lifestyle. Observe…

dish1 [BoxTitle]Shed your dignity, and grab a plastic bag and dirty dish of your choice[/BoxTitle]
dish2 [BoxTitle]Insert the dirty dish into the bag and place food in the dish on outside of bag. [/BoxTitle]
dish3 [BoxTitle]Eat where nobody will witness your shame and judge you on this pillar of laziness[/BoxTitle]
dish4 [BoxTitle]Discard of your sad bag[/BoxTitle]
dish5 [BoxTitle]Leave the dirty dish for somebody else to wash and continue doing nothing[/BoxTitle]

Via 22Words

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