The 10 Worst Maury Povich Screenshots Ever

maury cover

If Maury Povich had been alive in the middle ages he almost certainly would have been the emcee at executions and public humiliation events. No other man in the history of TV has shown greater pleasure for the the humiliation and degradation of his guests than Maury Povich. That being said, he does have some ridiculously entertaining fails of society on his trash talk television show.
With over 3,000+ episodes of Maury, picking out the 10 worst screenshots was no easy task. Luckily we had a lot of “wtf” to chose from.


Arica is probably overreacting. Michael just doubles as the tooth fairy… or a serial killer. Get out, Arica! Get out!

ant attack

Brinkley was a guest on Maury’s “Most Pansy-ass Animal Attacks” episode.

dog hickey

Somebody should tell Gary that saying you were engaged in a sexual situation with the family pet really isn’t the best cover-up for cheating.

no nose woman

Good for Tiffany. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere on who your partner can cheat with, and noseless skanks just aren’t acceptable.

2 billion percent sure

It’s probably a safe bet for Tyisha to cancel that paternity test, he IS 2 billion percent sure after all.

5000 friends

That’s a lot of FB LIKES for Tristan. The best way to solve this mystery is probably a Facebook poll: “Did you father Tristan’s baby?”

bologna sandwich

In case you can’t read the text, Bob says he bit Regina’s finger because she gave away his bologna sandwiches. In Bob’s defense, you just don’t screw with a man’s deli meats.


Let’s hope for Angelique’s sake that it was at least a can of diet soda.

sex for cheeseburgers

Somebody should really tell Angelique there are easier ways to get fast food.

chicken fear

The only way this could get more humiliating for Amanda is if the Maury audience pelted her with chicken nuggets.

Maury bonus GIFs just round out the f’d up world of Maury Povich so nicely.

pillow sex

you are not the father dance

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