The 20 Awesomest Chuck Norris GIFs

Let’s consider this our tribute to the Chuck Norris joke trend of 2007, oh and Chuck’s in the news for releasing a video with his wife basically saying that the next four years of America’s freedom are doomed should the Democrats win the election. Enough about that nonsense though, we know you’re really here to watch Chuck roundhouse kick and punch in the glory of GIFs. Brace yourselves, because in GIF form, Chuck will be kicking you in the face from here to eternity.

deal with it

Deal with it, bad dude. You just got blown up via Norris, life’s funny like that.

bruce vs. chuck

Bruce should have really known better than to mess with a guy who rocks that much chest hair. It’s practically a vest of badassery growing out of his chest.

Don’t look at this too long or your computer screen may break and Chuck’s virtual fist then becomes a reality. Trust us, you don’t want that.


We really can’t explain why Chuck would allow himself to be smacked in the face with a paddle like some summer camp goober. Perhaps a ploy to fool the bad guys into thinking he was a only a mortal human and not a mullet wearing terminator.

class with walker

Punk just got school’d via Walker.


Not even adorable kittens are safe from the wrath of Norris.


Whew! Really dodged a bullet on this one. It’s basically an all out blood bath when Chuck doesn’t approve.


When you really piss Chuck off, he not only kicks the crap out of you, but he kicks you so hard to land in some weird Japanese anime cartoon.


When you hangout with Norris, ninja attacks are just something you learn to deal with.


Let this be known, Chuck isn’t above punching little girls.


That goon Conan O’Brien finds out that Walker isn’t to be crossed. And in true action scene tradition, he ends up getting kicked into a conveniently stacked wall of cardboard boxes.


“Oh no Chuck didn’t!” Oh yes he did – boom.

chuck says you're a fag

Eh, at least he gives his thumbs up approval with the insult.


Do car insurance plans cover Chuck Norris flying kicks through the windshield?


Chuck Norris reenacts the whole Chris Brown / Rihanna incident. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Could Chris Brown’s woman punching rage be linked to Walker Texas Ranger?

walker vs. the lumberjack

Did you just mess with Chuck’s forest? Oh, you’ve done f*cked up now, lumberjack.

One moment you’re kicking the ball down the field and the next, you’re getting slammed in the chest by Walker. Bad day, man.

chuck norris

That cocky table had that judo chop coming.

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