The 20 Awesomest Guinness World Records

Hey heavies! The Guinness Book of World Records is the most prestigious and well-known records recording group. Their brightly colored hardcover books are a mainstay underneath the christmas tree for many children each and every year. With those things in mind, we thought it’d be fun to cultivate a list of the 20 Awesomest Guinness Records for all of you. Take a look!

Chad Fell of the United States holds the current Guinness World Record for Largest Bubblegum Bubble Blown. Here he is chatting it up with Rachel Ray and explaining the secret to blowing a big bubble.

The largest natural breasts belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner (or by her stage name: Norma Stitz). Her under breast measurement is 43 inches and her around-chest-over-nipple measurement is 70 inches. Each breast weighs around 56 pounds. Holy teets! Below is a retro video of Annie/Norma appearing on the Jenny Jones Show.

The largest working rifle belongs to James A. Decaine of the United States. Below is a video of the rifle being measured for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Svetlana Pankratova of Russia holds the Guinness World Record for longest female legs. Also biggest female feet, sweet baby jesus!

Mehmet Ozyurek from Turkey holds the record for the Longest nose on a living person. His schnoz is 3.46 inches in length from the bridge to it’s tip. Did you know that he was the inspiration for Nigel Thornberry of The Wild Thornberrys? And that he holds the record for most cartoon cameos? Check it out in the video below!

Just kidding but that resemblance is uncanny!

The world’s longest tongue on a living dog belongs to Puggy, a Pekingese owned by Becky Stanford from the United States. Below is a video of Puggy and Becky being interviewed and measured by Guinness.

Elaine Davidson from Brazil and United kingdom has been pierced 4,225 times holding the world record for most piercings in a lifetime by a woman. Mind you this number was taken in 2006, so it has no doubt exceeded that count since then. Below is a video of Elaine appearing in all of her pierced beauty.

The smallest waist belongs to Cathie Jung of the United States with a corseted waist of 15 inches and an un-corseted waist of 21 inches. Below is a short feature on Cathie Jung that helps explain why she would do this.

The world record for widest mouth comes from Francisco Domingo Joaquim or “Chiquinho” who hails from Angola. Below is the rubber mouth in action. Say ahhhh!

All four children of Mario and Angie Gaulin – Sarah (born in 1981, Christopher born in 1983, Joshua born in 1987, and Brendan born in 1989 and all hailing from Canada – were born with oculocutaneous albinism. Mario Gaulin is albino himself and Angie Gaulin carries the gene.

The world record for hairiest teenager belongs to Supatra Sasuphan of Thailand. Below is a little video about Supatra and what her daily life is like!

The world record for heaviest weight lifted by a human tongue belongs to Thomas Blackthorne of the United Kingdom. Below is a video from 2004 of Thomas’s earlier attempts at the record.

Aaron Caissie of Canada holds the world record for most spoons balanced on a face.

New Zealand contortionists Skye Broberg, Nele Siezen, and Jola Siezen hold the world record for longest time in a box with just over six and a half minutes. Said box was 26 inches by 27 inches by 22 inches. A video below shows the world record attempt in 2009.

The world record for furthest inverted pole climb in one minute belongs to Nele Bruckmann of Germany with an amazing 31 feet 11 inches.

Tillman the English Bulldog holds the world record for fastest 100 meter on a skateboard by a dog. The video below is the world record attempt which took place at the X Games XV.

The world record for most garters removed by teeth in one minute is held by Ivo Grosche of Germany.

Jim Hunter of Australia holds the world record of most watermelons chopped on a stomach with 25 watermelons. Celia Curtis, also Australian, provided the bare stomach. The watermelons were sliced using a machete.

The “Bog Standard” is the world’s fastest toilet. Well, it’s actually a motorcycle and sidecar with a toilet, kitchen sink, laundry basket, and bathtub fitted over it. Below is a video of the “Bog Standard” along with a collection of other motorized oddities in action. Talk about a s****y ride!

Skye Broberg, of the previous “three-person-in-a-box” contortionist world record fame, also holds the world record for fastest time crammed into a box. Below is a video of Skye in action, check it out!

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