Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Japanese Mirror Demons and Drunk Bulldozers

We’ve all been there. You’re wasted, driving a massive front-end loader, and those effing cars are making funny faces at you. Destroy them!

Blame it on the boat wake, but this all could have been avoided had they not been listening to Skrillex. Remember, kids, dubstep and boating is a dangerous mix. In fact, dubstep with anything is just a bad idea in general.

WTF, Japan, is this your idea of a good time, making somebody think there’s a demon coming out of the mirror to ravage their soul?! If it’s not a she-demon chasing you, you’re likely to be blasted butt-naked into the snow or involved in a mock assassination attempt. Either way, you lose.

Lot of pervs on the Feud, over 35 years worth actually. Flashlights in butts, naked grandmas, young girls pants… game shows have never been so inappropriate. I blame Richard Dawson for setting this smartass machine in motion.

Human evolution needs bullies. How else are the puss-ass cowards of the school yard going to become the great innovators of the future?

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