See 5 Photos of the World’s Angriest Cat Who Wants to Murder You in Cold Blood

Today, the internets hath spoken: This is the world’s angriest-looking cat. I gotta say, this cat does look like it could be a super villain. Do you agree?

World's Angriest Looking Cat [BoxTitle]What is this horrible betrayal?! I shall have your head![/BoxTitle] Angry Looking Cat [BoxTitle]Leave me, puny mortal. If I need of you, I shall send for you. [/BoxTitle] Angriest-Looking Cat [BoxTitle]What fresh hell is this? I will slaughter millions for this indignity.[/BoxTitle] World's Angriest Cat [BoxTitle]Do not dare touch my belly or I will draw blood.[/BoxTitle] Angry Cat [BoxTitle]I will savor your deaths, humans. Fear me.[/BoxTitle]

What do you think the world’s angriest-looking cat is thinking?

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