Halloween Costumes: A Story of Slutty Women and Un-creative Men

Halloween has classically been an excuse for women to dress all “sexily like” and for men to…just be there? Also candy might be involved at some level. Below are some of the most shameless “female” Halloween costumes to date. The only thing more hilarious than the female costumes is the “male version” and the dudes who are wearing them.


Sexist Army Costume

What better way to honor your female service members and at the same time reassert your belief that you don’t much care for Women’s Suffrage?


Sexist Banana Costume

Your dad wore this when you were conceived.


Sexist Cowboy

As far as we’re concerned this picture could have been taken on any weekday in Texas.


Sexist Graduate Costume

To be fair, the girl is wearing the unisex version of the cap and robe from the University of Arizona

Harry Potter

Sexist Harry Potter

Believe it or not she’s wearing the “Ron” costume.


Sexist Dinosaur

He’s actually the slutty one.


Sexist Baby

Next time someone shows you a picture of their newborn, try saying, “That’s one sexy baby.” Bonus points if you say it leaning out of broken-down ice cream truck.


Sexist Spiderman

The spider on her costume only has six legs, which technically makes her outfit “Handicapped-spider-woman.”


Sexist Ketchup

“We’re brother and sister, which makes it weird when we kiss. Also, Ketchup! Right guys!?”


Sexist Bee

He was told to dress casual for a Bar Mitzvah

Via Tumblr, Yandy

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