Man Carves Likeness of Dead Wife’s Vagina Onto Her Tombstone

It’s one thing to immortalize one’s dead loved one with their likeness onto their tombstone. It’s a common practice. But, it’s another thing to immortalize said loved one’s vagina with a stone effigy. Yet, that’s exactly what one Serbian man has done, and to great lengths has he done so.

Admittedly, Milan Marinkovic hasn’t been able to find a stone mason brave enough, in the three years after his wife’s passing, to carve a dead woman’s genitalia onto a tombstone. I mean, that has to be blasphemous, right?

But, to the dying shall you grant their wish, and apparently, this was the wish of Marinkovic’s wife.

According to him, it was her attempt to never let him forget that vagina from which he sprouted so much joy and love.

According to the Austrian Times, Mrs. Marinkovic wrote a letter proclaiming the engraving was to curb her widower from chasing other women after her death. If that doesn’t scream a selfishness and insecurity level of epic proportions, then I don’t know what epic proportions means.

Imagine that, even in the afterlife, your wife is still telling you not to look at other women, and she’s doing that by immortalizing her vagina over her own grave.

I’m not sure if this is sick, or overtly romantic. Maybe a bit of both.

A part of me wishes I had a woman that dedicated to my fidelity. Then again, if I was the jealous type, I’d might have to throw some punches at other widowers looking sideways at my wife’s grave.

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