The Funniest GIFs of the 2012 Presidential Debate: Obama/Romney Rumble

It’s an election year and this is the Internet we’re talking about. Which means that a tidal wave of GIFs is about to wash over this political slamfest in Denver. It’s not about if Obama or Romney wins more swing states, it’s about who gets more cat-bombs in their GIFs.

“Leeet’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!”


“This is it Mitt, your hair looks perfect and that 47% is about to become your b*tch. Focus… focus…”

“I got this, playa.”

mitt and obama kiss

“You’re going down, welfare junkie.”
“No, you going down, country club.”

“Michelle, baby, know that this debate’s for you, boo.”

“Nice pandering, dick.”

“Let me sing a little song – ‘Taxman’.”

middle class

“I care about the middle class.”

Obama what gif

“I’m all about uniting the parties…”

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