The 10 Worst Obama and Romney Supporters

Below are some of the craziest and most uninformed supporters for both political parties. Please do not watch them if you’re feeling unsure about humanity. And if you’re not registered to vote yet, do it, if for nothing else than to cancel out the votes of these glue sniffing dolts.


I’m guessing these guys don’t watch a lot of Soul Train. This is an excerpt from Bill Maher’s show, which is why you hear laughter, just in case you thought it was your subconscious.


A glowing endorsement from Lil’ John’s mother.


This is actually just footage from the latest Rocky movie. These women are old enough that they were probably just led around the room once or twice till they forgot about the incident.


The best part about this ad is how much the guy clearly doesn’t care, but just wants to agree with his wife so he doesn’t get locked in the basement again. “You hate the gays, right Jerry? Cause if you don’t we’re never pushing those twin beds together and you’re locked out of the fun box for good!”


“Obama is gonna pay for gas…and my bills…and that stuff I bought on Craigslist…Then he’ll return my phone calls, and that hair doll I made for him. Then we’ll play NBA Jam together.”


Though more high profile and over-reported by this point, this easily fits into “misguided supporter.” Imagine you saw someone on the street doing this, you’d probably through some pennies near him and walk away.


Warning! N-bombs be dropping! Keep in mind she is an Obama supporter. She sings the N-word a bunch of times. Also, we assume these were the original lyrics to the Bagel Bites jingle.


She gets points for going from “0” to “Don’t look Auntie Judy in the eyes anymore” in a matter of seconds. We’re also curious how long it took to get kicked out of the Motel 6 lobby they clearly filmed this in. Also, what the fuck!?


This is the companion to the previous Bill Maher piece. The most important thing to take away from this is that one dude really likes Pringles. Once he popped he never stopped.


Don’t watch this with a loaded gun nearby. Hearing this girl’s political musings is about the same as dying and finding out that God is actually a raccoon trapped inside a McDonald’s play-place.

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