The 20 Awesomest Photos of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's Funniest Photos

No matter which party you represent (unless you’re an undecided voter, or as we call them “jerk-offs”) you can enjoy these photos that show the REAL and UNCUT Mitt Romney. Join us on this bizarre photo journey chronicling Mitt’s campaign for the presidency.

Mitt Romney Farts

“Back to your binders, little ones!”

Romney Money Kids

And letter “Y”…You were adopted.

Mitt Glove

“Mr Romney…How come there are no other photographers here? What!? No! No, not again!”

Mitt Romney Flying

Mitt Romney is actually swooping down and plucking a salmon from a local river.

Mitt Simba

“Ha, Ha okay guys, fine! I’ll sacrifice this last one. But that’s it!”

Mitt Tiny face

To compensate I eat over-sized Ritz crackers.

Mitt Bane

“Would someone tell my wife tonight’s safe word is “Papaya.”


“hey-HEY…My eyes are up here.”


Mmmmm…man flesh.


Not Pictured: A group of undocumented workers carrying the horse.

Petting Mitt

“Who the fuck is touching me!? WHO THE- oh you’re white…I’m sorry, continue.”


My shoulders scare me.


If ever dare ask Mitt for spare change he’ll give you this picture with his signature. In yo face, forty-seven percent!

Mitt With Minorities

Mitt takes a moment to pose with the hard working 47 % (and Will Smith’s 2nd cousin) who labored over his burrito.


It get’s weirder when you realize he’s actually moon-walking into someone’s private residence uninvited.


“I like to gum it slowly…shhhhh…I’ll digest you at my own pace.”


She’s actually trying to feed him a hamburger bun.

mitt romney jet ski

“I’m letting her drive, it’s adorable!”

Romney Hunts Big Bird

Like every family vacation, the children were stuffed inside Big Bird for the ride home. For the car was only for contributing members of society and their women slaves.

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