The 20 Most WTF Photos from Asia

asia cover

A lot of terrific things have come out of Asia — Nintendo, robots, anime, pasta, panty vending machines. Okay, maybe not that last one, but the point is, the countries making up the Asian continent have contributed a lot of awesome stuff to civilization over the centuries. However, with monumental achievements comes a certain amount of fail. Asia, please explain wtf is going on here?!

pool head

“Off the head, corner pocket.”

japanese bride race

Sayonara, manhood and dignity.

lovers fork lift

This guy went all out and got the finest forklift for his lady that his supervisor would allow.

no wheel bus

Guy looks pretty happy for driving what is now a speeding death machine without a proper steering device.

pizza fail

NO. Go grab another slice and try again.

drag salute

Not sure who he’s saluting, but I kinda doubt porn has an officer classification system in place.

baby moto

Somebody notify Angelina Jolie or Madonna immediately.

lady lap pillows

Pillows designed to replicate the lower torsos of women, nothing strange about that. Moving on…

closet girl

Emo kids in the US will be doing this before the end of the year. FYL.

anime dirty wagon

We can start getting worried when this van begins circling schools and playgrounds.

crazy dude

He’s the mayor. Believe it!

bad idea

Cue the paramedics in 4,3,2…

wtf moto

It’s called automotive ingenuity. Suck on that, German engineering.

all tied up

If only there were a comprehensive guide explaining the Japanese game show culture … oh wait! Check it out here.

anime girl

You will not be seeing this float in the Macy’s Day Parade anytime soon.

panda girl

Your guess is as good as mine.

crazy dude on train

Public transit – a freak show circus provided by the tax payers.

erection champ

Not the runner up, not second place, the Erection Champion, dammit!

poncho bike

That bag over his head may look stupid, but it actually doubles as a parachute brake system. Who’s the idiot now, huh?

Via Reddit

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