The 20 Worst Halloween Costume Fails

Halloween is generally viewed as an opportunity to let your creative juices flow. As an adult, those opportunities can seem few and far between. Turns out, not everyone should be allowed to unleash their imaginations onto the world. From disgusting to creepy, these costumes are a special kind of Halloween nightmare.

Fancy a motorboat, ladies? He doesn’t even require proof of insurance.

Zangief’s life deteriorated quickly after not being asked to appear in the newest Street Fighter.

There’s not trying, and then there’s giving effort a middle finger.

Zen and The Art of Passively Aggressively Hating Your Child: Step 1. Dress them up like something you crap on.

Alternatively, just dress them up like crap.

Or go for the Hail Mary and just dress them up like something that kills its self and hope they get the hint.

For those annoying “heavy flow” Halloween nights.

He’s supposed to be a stripper pole, but I highly doubt anybody will be grinding up on his brass.

Wear the Italian sausage costume to a party and you might get a few laughs. Wear it when trick or treaters come knocking and you might end up on the sexual predators list.

Nothing says Halloween fun and good times like prison rape, right?

Some people might find this costume offensive, until they see the crucified Jesus in the background.

Just your friendly neighborhood Grand Dragon.

katrina looter costume

There’s politically incorrect and then there’s setting racial equality back 150 years. Kudos to you, Katrina looter costume guy, thank you for making everyone at the party feel slightly uncomfortable.

It’s a police age progression of Honey Boo Boo in ten years. You WILL see this costume this year, so prepare yourself.

This actually wasn’t even a Halloween costume. Just Gary on a Tuesday… he’s working through some issues.

From the costume we infer that he’s into fighting crime against gay men. From the mustache we infer that he’s into gay men.

This guy actually does scare the sh*t out of me. Well done, sir.

It came with a Chewbacca top, but when you’ve got your own wookie fur why bother?

Hey, look at that! Your costume is piss and poo stained pants, have fun standing in the corner by yourself at the Halloween party.

Using this breathalyzer puts a girl squarely in the “life of the party” category.


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