The 20 Worst WTF Stock Photos

bad stock photos cover

We here at Heavy pride ourselves on having demented minds and sharing that bizarreness with our readers, but the people who create stock photos – those guys are truly f*cked in the head. There’s 100% no reason you would ever need a photo of a black Pilgrim yelling into a cell phone, but that photo exists. These are the 20 Worst WTF stock photos, good luck finding a practical use for these 20 freaks of photography.

We searched for: Squirrel office sex

squirell sex

We searched for: Uncomfortable grandma

awkward grandma

We searched for: Bryan Cranston mannequin


We searched for: Grandfather sucks at goal tending


We searched for: Marine biologist nun

fish nun

We searched for: Nudist dart league

nudist darts

We searched for: Black pilgrim unhappy with his cell service

black pilgrim

We searched for: Blowfish cough drop


We searched for: Unnecessary goldfish murder

goldfish murder

We searched for: Melancholy birthday


We searched for: m4m#f390zz$

dog lumber jack

We searched for: Female farts

fart flowers

We searched for: Sickly looking boxer graduate

gross grad

We searched for: Bologna girl with mental issues


We searched for: Hitler’s long lost sister

hitler girl

We searched for: Something went terribly wrong


We searched for: Nuclear holocaust mother’s day

gas mask mom

We searched for: Ice cream pervert

ice creep

We searched for: Constipated clown


We searched for: Girlfriend who shouldn’t be around sharp objects

psycho girl

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