The Funniest GIFs of the 3rd 2012 Presidential Debate, the Final Showdown

This is it, folks, the final showdown. Who will emerge victorious and who will retreat back to their limousine to lick their wounds? You could turn to CNN or Fox News for your debate coverage, but the mere fact that you’re reading this post tell us you’re far too smart for their skewed view. Now, on to the GIFs!

3rd presidential debate gif
Via Jest

“Round 3 Fight!”


“Kudos on that whole Osama take down thing.”


“Well, that’s just how I do.”


“That being said, we really gotta go after these bad guys. Get, get, get’em!”

obama blink


“Did I just say that out loud? I’m pretty sure I did.”

obama battleship

“This isn’t Battleship, Mitty.”


“B 7.”


“Just think happy thoughts, Barack. Michelle wouldn’t want you to reach over and slap this white man.”


“Less military?! That’s just crazy talk!”

horses and bayonets gif

“Let me order some more horses and bayonets for ya.”


“Damn, that’s probably gonna become a f’ing meme or something.”

bob Schieffer

“Most definitely.”

Via Gifwich

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