FAIL: 10 Turkey Cakes That Look Like D*cks

Turkey Dick Cakes Cover

These are turkey cakes that look like d*cks. Take a moment this Thanksgiving to give thanks these abominations of baking aren’t on your dinner table. Because no amount of frosting is going to save these sugary piles of failure.

turkey dick cake

It feels incredibly strange to refer to a cake as having “girth.”

turkey cake fails

Some people look at these cookies and see turds, others see d*cks. The human eye is tricky like that.

turkey cake fail

Nothing says “family” like a cake that resembles genitalia.

turkey cake fail

Having to share your birthday cake with Thanksgiving is bad. Having a d*ck-like turkey on that cake is even worse. Having a sad looking d*ck-like turkey on your cake may be the most depressing thing ever.

turkey cake fail

Turkey or three-balled scrotum? You decide.

turkey cake fail

That’s one delicious looking mound of goo.

turkey cake fail

Some turkey cakes look like dongs, others look like the family dog took a dump and the baker added some decorative frosting around it.

turkey cake fail

It’s probably best NOT to serve this cake at the kids’ table.

turkey cake fail

Don’t be surprised when you’re asked not to bring anything to Thanksgiving dinner next year.

turkey cake fail

Just like grandma used to make, assuming your grandmother worked at an erotic bakery.

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